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The leading cloud platform for mobile apps

blmcloud.com is a multi-tenant platform for mobile services.Your mobile app can use the blmcloud.com web services APIs to implement the most common features of mobile solutions independent of channel or mobile device type.It is a SAAS offering enabling mobile solutions ,mobile banking and mobile commerce on a pay-as-you-go basis.

How it works How it works
As a highly scalable, mobile-centric web service API, the Blue Label Mobile Cloud service provides third party developers with access to the core transactional platforms of the Blue Label Telecoms group. This includes:

  • prepaid services (airtime, electricity, digital content, WASP services)
  • mobile banking and financial transactions (Postilion amongst others)
  • mobile coupons and electronic wallet/accounting capabilities

We can provide access to the mobile channel, the mobile services platform, or the integration to all transactional 3rd parties depending on your requirements.

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