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blmcloud.com is a multi-tenant platform for mobile services.Your mobile app can use the blmcloud.com web services APIs to implement the most common features of mobile solutions independent of channel or mobile device type.It is a SAAS offering enabling mobile solutions ,mobile banking and mobile commerce on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Getting Started with the BLMCloud.com Platform Getting Started with the BLMCloud.com Platform

30-day free trial


The blmcloud.com platform consists of the mobile centric MSP webservices, the mobile application clients (MobiSecure, USSD Application Framework, MobiSites) as well the back-end reporting portals. The solution is provided on a pay-as- you- go, software-as-a-service licensing arrangement. There is a monthly subscription license fee which is payable in advance on 3 month contracts which automatically renew. The fee scales according to the number of active users that the Mobile Services Platform is supporting.

Benefits of the Software-as-a-Service approach

In the past 10 years the phenomenon of Software-as-a-Service as a viable delivery mechanism for business software solutions has gained traction as it offers numerous benefits. The Mobile Services Platform has been designed and marketed as a multi-tenanted software-as-a-service offering in order to offer the same benefits to Blue Label customers delivering mobile solutions. The list of benefits includes the following:

  • Reduced time to market by re-using specialist mobile expertise
  • Harness continuous innovation and improvements at a fraction of the cost
  • Reduced operating costs (shift spend from capex to opex)
  • Lessen burden on core internal technology resources

Getting Started

We offer a 30 day free trial to all application developers in our sandbox hosting environment. This free trial is of the MSP API and gives you access to the core Mobile Services, namely: User, Wallet, Shop and SMS. Please reach out to us and we’ll create your access to a test account.

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