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blmcloud.com is a multi-tenant platform for mobile services.Your mobile app can use the blmcloud.com web services APIs to implement the most common features of mobile solutions independent of channel or mobile device type.It is a SAAS offering enabling mobile solutions ,mobile banking and mobile commerce on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Mobile Banking - Case Study Mobile Banking - Case Study

ubank , a South African bank servicing the workers in the miningindustry, chose to implement their cellphone banking service onthe Mobile Services Platform provided by blmcloud.com. Thecellphone banking service supports thousands of ubank customers

24/7. ubank customers can now safely and conveniently doaccount enquiries, transfers and airtime purchases using theirmobile phone

ubank required a mobile channel and software technologyagnostic solution that would be affordable at the offset of theproject whilst still having the capacity and scalabilty to meet theanticipated future growth in demand of their cellphone bankingservice. The mobile services platform met these needs precisely due to its software-as-a-service nature.

The mobile channel user interface is provided ontop of theblmcloud.com USSD application platform. USSD was chosen byubank as it has 100% device compatibility, users are familiarwith using it and its a secure protocol.

The USSD application code uses the MSP APIs and is hosted byblmcloud.com. It is a standalone server application which couldbe hosted by ubank if ubank elects to do so in future. Anotherbenefit of the solution architecture is that the USSD applicationmay well be replaced or augmented by other user interfaces suchas mobile web, Java or other client specific platforms such asAndroid or BlackBerry.

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